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Steel Building Trim and Gutter

Trim Overview
Trim connects and covers transitional areas of a building. For example, eave trim forms the transition between the sidewalls and the roof, and rake trim connects the endwalls and the roof.

In general, all the trim on a steel building serves two important functions. Most importantly, it helps seal these transitional areas and protects the building from the weather. Trim is also crucial to the appearance of a building. Poor trim makes a building look ragged and cheap whereas well-designed properly-installed trim gives the building a finished, professional appearance.

Unfortunately, not all trim packages are created equal. Many metal building companies supply generic pieces which may have to be field-modified to fit a particular building. This makes the trim much harder to install and compromises both the look and the integrity of the building. STEELBUILDING.COM offers a unique, deluxe trim package. We precisely engineer and fabricate each piece to match the design of your steel building, and we do a lot of extra work in the factory that will save you time, trouble, and money in the field. For example, the ends of cheaper trim are simply cut to a straight edge, making them harder to handle and more vulnerable to weathering and rust. We fold back or "hem" all the exposed edges of our trim during fabrication. It installs easily, fits snugly, and looks great year after year.

Jamb Flashing
One of the trim options offered by STEELBUILDING.COM's online design and pricing system is jamb flashing. Without this extra trim, the red-iron jamb and header that make up a framed opening are left uncovered. This doesn't hurt anything, but covering the framing with inexpensive jamb flashing can really improve the appearance of your steel buildings.

Downspouts, Gutters, and Gutter Trim
Though gutters and downspouts are usually considered building accessories, they perform some of the same functions as trim and require a special trim package. Gutters really enhance the appearance of a building, and, except in areas with a lot of snowfall, we strongly recommend them for commercial properties. Gutters and downspouts control the runoff from the roof. They prevent it from splashing the sides of the building with water and mud, and they help channel it away from parking lots and other areas where you don't want water to pool.

Connecting the gutter at the corners of your steel building can be a major source of problems. Many suppliers use pieces that must be mitered in the field, a difficult task for even the most experienced erectors. STEELBUILDING.COM provides factory-mitered rake and gutter trim, and our custom-manufactured corners are literally a snap to install properly. We worked very hard to develop this exclusive design, and we think it is one of the most distinct advantages of our buildings.

Ridge Caps
STEELBUILDING.COM provides die-cast ridge caps to cover the peak of the building and connect the roof panels on either side. Many suppliers use ridge rolls, which must be bent into place and sealed with closures. Fitting them properly is difficult, and over time the closures can deteriorate, leaving a gap large enough for birds to nest. Our precisely formed ridge caps match the panel profile and pitch of your roof. They create an almost seamless transition from one side of the peak to the other, and they seal it against leaks and pests.

Our online system allows you to configure trim and color options in a number of ways
Our online system allows you to configure trim and color options in a number of ways.

Jamb and header trim dress up a building for very little expense

Jamb and header trim dress up a building for very little expense

Roof Erection Diagram

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