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Steel Building Liner Panels

Liner panels are interior walls of steel paneling. Similar to exterior walls, they consist of standard 3-foot wide panels (usually 29 gauge) that are screwed to the framing. Full-height liners run from floor to roof and attach at the top to the eave struts on the sidewalls and to the rake rafter on endwalls. Partial-height liners typically attach to the girt at 7'4" and extend an inch or two above it (most steel buildings have a girt at 7'4"). Buildings with liner panels must have a base condition that provides a connection point for the bottom of the panel (see base options).

Liner panels serve two purposes. They enhance appearance, giving the interior a more finished look. Just as importantly, liners protect the insulation and the outside walls. Unreinforced insulation facings tear easily, and even the best reinforced materials can be damaged by sharp objects or power tools. Although 26-gauge exterior walls can withstand a lot of punishment, forklifts and other heavy equipment can dent or even puncture them. A steel liner that has been designed for your metal building will perform far better than plywood and usually cost much less than sheetrock walls, which will require their own framing.

Without liner Note the fully trimmed walkdoor

Features and Options
STEELBUILDING.COM's liner panels are finished systems that leave no exposed edges and will include the necessary top trim, column trim, framed opening trim, and walkdoor flashing for your application. We also offer optional framing kits for windows that are going to be set in walls with a liner. On sidewalls, you can place liners in any number of contiguous bays.

Without liner
Without liner

With full-height liner
With full-height liner

With partial-height liner
With partial-height liner

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