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Steel Building Roof Extensions

Because they can improve both the appearance and performance of a building for relatively little expense, roof extensions are among the most popular extra features. STEELBUILDING.COM offers two types:
  1. purlin extensions for endwalls;
  2. canopies for sidewalls.

In both cases, we supply all the framing, sheeting, soffit, and trim for a fully-enclosed system with no exposed red-iron and no access for birds or other pests.

This 90'x100' church recreation center has a 6' extension on the left endwall and 3' overhangs the rest of the way around

Roof overhangs can add to the value and usefulness of a building in several ways:
  • Appearance
    Extending the roof breaks up the "boxy" look of rectangular buildings. Canopies and extensions also help a pre-engineered building blend in better with neighboring structures in residential or upscale commercial areas. Although many people want to extend the roof all the way around, others achieve the desired effect with just a single canopy over the front of the building.
  • Shade and Shelter
    When located over a doorway, even a one-foot overhang offers you some shelter from the rain and shade from the hot summer sun when you are working near the entrance or just unlocking the door to go in. This kind of protection is doubly important when you expect clients and customers to visit your commercial building.
  • Runoff
    For buildings with no gutters, overhangs help control runoff by preventing rain and melting ice and snow from splashing against the walls and directly in front of the doorways.

Example of roof pitch, extensions, and soffit


Roof Extension

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