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Steel Building Windows
STEELBUILDING.COM offers several types and sizes of windows for metal buildings, including two sizes of insulated windows and two "slimline" sizes. Each package includes aluminum window frames, glass, and flashing fins. More detailed descriptions and specifications follow.

Installation Options
STEELBUILDING.COM's windows are "field located," meaning that we do not include them in the design of your steel building. You can install them on any section of a wall that is not obstructed by a column or bracing cables. If the precise location of one or more windows is critical, you should confirm the exact column and cable placements.

All of our windows are "self flashing." They include fins that match the profile of the wall panel and attach to it with screws just as you would mate two panels at a seam. Typically, no other framing is needed; however, some special situations require a full subframe with sill, header, and jambs. STEELBUILDING.COM's online system automatically adds a framing kit to windows selected for buildings designed with a wind load of 100mph or greater. With lower wind loads, these same kits are available as an option, and you must select this option when installing windows in walls with interior liner panels (see illustration at right).

Note: It is possible that installing an unusual number of windows in a wall could compromise its structural integrity. Please advise us if you plan something out of the ordinary.

Available Models and Sizes
Sizes marked with a * are available both insulated and non-insulated. Non-insulated models have mill-finished (aluminum) frames and insulated models have a bronze finish. The "nominal" dimensions below include framing and flashing. To figure the size of the opening needed for a window, use the formula (Nominal Width - 2 1/8") x (Nominal Height + 1/2").
Single Hung
(w/ screen)
Horizontal Slide
(w/ screen)
Slim Line
Clear DSB glass Clear DSB glass
*5/8" SSB glass (insulated)
Gray-tinted, Tempered DSB glass
3030 (3'x3')
3040 (3'x4')
3050 (3'x5')
3020 (3'x2')
* 3030 (3'x3')
4030 (4'x3')
6020 (6'x2')
* 6030 (6'x3')
6040 (6'x4')
1070 (1'x7')
2070 (2'x7')

A steel building with windows

Screen shot of window mount options 'narrow lite' glazing option (glass and kick plate not included with door)

Example of one of our walk doors

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