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Steel Walk Doors
Available Models
STEELBUILDING.COM offers standard insulated and non-insulated steel walk doors (man doors) in 3'x7' (3070/single leaf), 4'x7' (4070/single leaf), and 6'x7' (6070/double leaf). Each "knock down" door package requires assembly and includes weatherstrip, trim kit, leaf, frame, hinges, and threshold. Door and frame are reversible for left or right-hand operation. Brief specifications follow.

Installation in Building
Standard walk doors are "field located," meaning that we do not include them in the design of your steel building. You can install them on any section of a wall that is not obstructed by a column or bracing cables. If the precise location of one or more walk doors is critical, you should confirm the exact column and cable placements. Installation itself is fairly simple, and we include all the necessary materials. If you align your 3' or 6' door with the seams of the 3' wall panel sections, you will only have to cut one panel.

Note: It is possible that installing an unusual number of walk doors in a wall could compromise its structural integrity. Please advise us if you plan something out of the ordinary.
Leaf Specifications
Thickness 1¾"
Style Flush
Color White
Face sheet 20 gauge cold-formed or galvanized steel
Top/bottom channels 16 gauge flush-mounted steel
Hinge reinforcement 7 gauge steel
Resin impregnated, sanded edge, kraft fiber honeycomb with a nominal one inch cell size. R-value 2.44.
Core (insulated) Rigid cell, foamed-in-place polyurethane with a 1.8 lbs./ft density conforming to ASTM D-1622. R-value 14.97.
Glazing Optional half-glass (23-3/4" x 29-7/16") and narrow lite (6-5/8" x 36-5/8") kits with trim available; glass not included
Frame Specifications
Color White
Jambs and header 16 gauge galvanized steel
Hinge reinforcement 7 gauge steel welded to jamb
Strike reinforcement 12 gauge steel welded to jamb
Head and sill anchors 14 gauge galvanized steel
Weatherstrip Compression type
Hardware offers several choices of locksets, mullions, openers, anti-panic systems, etc. Detailed specifications for each are available on request.

Each door package includes all the necessary framing and trim for complete installation

This door has the popular

Example of one of our walk doors

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