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STEELBUILDING.COM is your first and only online supplier of pre-engineered steel buildings Photo of Man in Hard Hat Holding Blueprints
Frequently Asked Questions
STEELBUILDING.COM has many resources for our customers and potential customers. Please take advantage of our Frequently Asked Questions page. We hope that you find all the answers to your questions here. If not, our product specialists are available for any questions, concerns, or issues you may have.

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Where are you located?
The address for our office is

2612 Gribble
North Little Rock, AR 72114.

How long have you been in business?
Our parent company, NCI Building Systems has been in this business for over 26 years. We joined the NCI family in 2004.

Is there a phone number I can call for assistance?
Yes. During our regular office hours -- Monday through Friday between 8:00 and 5:00 PM Central Time -- you can call 800 945-6572 for information about our company and our products or help using our web site.

Do you have salespeople?
Yes and no. Our product information specialists are trained to respond to your questions about our products and services, but they are not like traditional metal-building salespeople. They do not work on commission, and they will not add you to a call-back database and repeatedly contact you and try to close the sale. They will, however, walk you through our pricing system, although all purchases have to be made through our website. We do not take sales over the phone, but our client services team would be happy to help you learn the pricing process on our website.

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Buildings: general

I like your site and I'm interested in putting a building on some land I just acquired. However, I am not sure that I want to build with steel. Why steel instead of wood?
There are several reasons. For one thing, steel buildings generally cost significantly less to build per square foot than other types of construction. Steel buildings are incredibly strong and can withstand natural forces better than almost any other type construction. They are extremely versatile; their "clearspan" frames bear all the load, so you need no internal walls or columns to help support them. One of the best reasons in many locales is that steel resists destructive insects better than the best treated wood. The bugs can chew away but they will never chew through our steel. Also, steel is not a combustible material. These factors generally lead to lower insurance cost and make the already low price of a steel building even more attractive.

We have frequent electrical storms here and I'm a little nervous about the idea of being in a steel structure.
The odds that lightning will strike your building are extremely low. However, if it does happen, you are probably safer in a steel structure since the steel framing will channel the lightning strike to the ground much like a lightning rod does. This type of direct path to the ground helps prevent the lightning from causing secondary hazards such as fires or explosive splintering (ever seen a tree hit by lightning?).

How can I get a sample of steel used for the buildings?
We stock 3x5" samples of our paneling in all the available colors. Since we average over 1,000 visitors to our website per day, we have to be a little stingy with them. The samples are really intended for the customer who has made a commitment to purchase a building but wants to look at the actual colors before finalizing the purchase. If you request one in writing, we will supply one as long as we have some in stock.

Does all the hardware come with these buildings?
All the parts you need to assemble your building are included except for the anchor bolts (we do supply anchor bolts with mini-storage buildings).

How long is the sheeting guaranteed?
We have a 25 year limited paint warranty ([PDF format] except for "crimson red" which is warrantied for 5 years) and a 20 year limited warranty (PDF format) on our Galvalume Plus® roofs.

Do you have 70% PVDF finish?
70% PVDF paint is available as a special quote item. Our standard coating for buildings that are priced online is siliconized polyester for all colors except polar white. Polar white is straight polyester. All except crimson red (which has a 5-year warranty) are covered by our 25-year paint warranty (PDF format).

Having looked at other sites, I was absolutely amazed at the wide assortment of building combinations that I could price online, but what if I want something I couldn't price by following your selection screens?
Our pricing department is happy to prepare manual quotes for buildings that are within our capabilities but cannot be priced with our online system. For more information, see the description of special quotes below.

Do you have any special buildings sizes that are considered mass-produced and are less expensive?
All of our buildings are inexpensive, and there is really no such thing as a "mass produced" building size. Size is only one of the considerations when engineering a building. Because of the combination of other factors that must be taken into account -- for example, wind loading, wind uplift, snow loading, seismic rating, and the number, size, and placement of openings to name a few -- virtually every building is at least slightly different from all others. Some suppliers will advertise pre-priced buildings, but until they know all the engineering factors and the shipping distance they cannot determine an accurate cost. As a result, their published figures are "ballpark" estimates, and the final numbers may be considerably different. When you price a building at STEELBUILDING.COM, you start by providing the information we need to properly engineer your building. As a result, our system always gives you an accurate, final, delivered price (see also misconceptions).

Your special quote form has an option for "multispan buildings." What are those?
See the section on Frame Types for a full description. Our online system offers clearspan frames out to 100 feet wide, and we will special quote clearspan buildings up to 150' wide depending on various engineering considerations. However, when extreme widths are necessary, modular-frame multispan buildings with supporting columns may offer a more economical solution.

Do you do two story buildings?
Not at this time.

I'm looking for a building smaller than 30 feet wide. Can you help?
Yes, we can, but for now you will need to submit a special quote request. Our minimum size is 24' x 24'.

Can I enter building sizes other than what's in the pull down menu?
For other sizes, you will need to submit a special quote request.

What exactly is a frame?
For full descriptions and illustrations see the sections on Framing, Frame Features, and Frame Specifications.

What is a bay?
The official definition of a bay is "the space between frame center lines or primary supporting members in the longitudinal direction of the building." In simpler terms, every time you connect two frames together, you make another bay. For a fuller description and illustrations, see the introductory section on Framing.

Are the bolted structural connections predrilled or punched, or am I going to have to burn holes and bolt or weld all the clips on?
All our structural members are pre-punched, and all our connecting clips are already welded in place according to our engineering specifications. This is not the case with many buildings sold. Most come with loose clips which must all be bolted on to the members, requiring a great deal of extra labor and time.

Having said all that, we should still point out that erectors frequently have to burn a new hole or two when putting up a building. Among the tools we recommend that an erector have is a cutting torch. We also urge that you call us before making even minor modifications to your building. Never make any modifications to your building without consulting STEELBUILDING.COM's technical support personnel. Our buildings are precisely engineered to meet specific code and load requirements, and modifications may alter their structural characteristics. STEELBUILDING.COM will not knowingly aid, agree to, or participate in any way in the construction of a structure that does not meet all applicable code requirements.

What is the spacing on purlins and girts?
Generally, the first girt is at 7'4" and girts above that are usually at 5 feet (depending on design specifications). Depending on wind loading, there may also be a girt below 7'4". Purlins are typically spaced five feet apart, but with high roof loads this interval will narrow accordingly.

On the sidewalls are the girts flush or outside the post?
Our system specifies bypass sidewall girts (outside the post)and flush endwall girts (inside the post). You may request a special quote for other configurations.

What is the weight of the roof structures?
The roof structure consists of the rafters, purlins, brace angles, sheeting, and fasteners. The weight can vary greatly depending on the loading requirements. Most customers asking this question are concerned about unloading the material from the delivery truck. We limit our load bundles to a maximum of 3000 pounds. Most bundles are 1200 to 1700 pounds. After you purchase a building and check on availability of a forklift and/or crane, if you need a specific weight limit on the bundles, in most cases we can accommodate you.

Do your gable ends and/or eave of the roof come with a closure to keep out varmints?
Yes. Our roof systems include trim material, mastic tape, and closure strips that, when properly installed, not only create a barrier against birds and other varmints but provide an effective weather seal. Obviously, every stage of construction is important, but it is especially important that erectors take their time and install this system correctly. It will be the difference between a leaky building that is prone to rust and mildew and a weather-tight structure that will stay snug, warm, and beautiful for decades. We have produced an outstanding instuctional video which covers this procedure and much more. Broadband users can view a streaming video of this segment.

How long does it take for moisture to damage sheets that haven't been installed?
Most problems occur when sheets are left bundled for several weeks, but there is no reason to take chances. When we send drawings, we include instructions on how to care for bundled sheets, and it is important to read and follow those procedures.

Do you sell standing-seam roofs?
At present, we can provide standing seam via special quote.

Can I order an overhang on the roof?
Yes you can. See the section on roof extensions for full details.

Can air conditioners be mounted on your roofs?
We can provide point loads on the roof if you can tell us the weight and other pertinent information about the air conditioners. To do this, you will need to request a special quote.

How do I order a building with no sidewalls?
You will need to access our special quote form where you can specify open wall conditions.

Can I order a building with Galvalume Plus® finish on the walls, trim, and door as well as the roof?
Yes, but you will need to access our special quote form.

How long is the sheeting guaranteed?
We have a 25 year limited paint warranty ([PDF format] except for "crimson red" which is warrantied for 5 years).

Which base trim option should I choose?
That depends on your foundation and on several other considerations. In the base cost of our buildings, we include a STANDARD BASE ANGLE, which is simply an angle section that connects to both slab and wall. For a full description of your choices, see the section on Base Options.

Does all the hardware come with these buildings?
All the parts you need to assemble your building are included except that we do not supply the anchor bolts for rigid-frame commercial buildings. The relatively large anchor bolts for this type building are usually set when the slab is poured, well before the building arrives. We see them as part of the slab, not the building, so we don't provide them. By contrast, mini-storage buildings have lots of smaller columns, perhaps several dozen, and it is impractical to set all these when the slab is poured, so we provide the required number of drill-in anchor bolts with the buildings.

Do you use stainless steel screws?
No, our standard screw is a Zinc alloy long-life fastener, which is superior to stainless steel in this application. We guarantee them for 20 years. Our roof fasteners have a Zinc-Aluminum alloy head and carry a lifetime red-rust warranty.

What size are the connecting bolts?
This depends on loading, but the average bolt is going to be ¾ inches or less in diameter.

How many windows do I need for light and ventilation?
This is a matter of personal preference. In general, our customers tend to purchase 2 windows per 2400 square feet of building space. See the section on Windows for more information.

Do you offer insulated windows?
Yes, our online system now gives you a choice of insulated horizontal-slide windows in 3'x3' and 6'x3'. For more information, see the section on Windows. If you need accessories that our online system does not offer, you can request a special quote.

Do walk doors come pre framed?
Our walkdoors include framing, but they do not come attached to it. They are what are called "knockdown doors." They come with a frame, hinges, threshold, and standard knob lockset. See the section on Walk Doors for more information.

Is a walk door considered a framed opening?
No, walk doors are "field located." For more information, see the answers to the following two questions.

How do you know where the walkdoors and windows go?
Walkdoors and windows are "field located." This means that the customer picks the location, cuts the panel and mounts the walkdoor or window. If a customer purchases a large number of walkdoors and/or windows, we will inquire as to the proposed location so that we can conduct a wind bracing evaluation. Most customers only select one or two of each, so this is not generally a concern.

What do the walkdoors and windows attach to?
Walkdoors are "self framing," which means they include the framing, trim, and flashing you will need to frame them in. For an additional charge, we can provide a sub-frame for the walkdoor frame, or we can design factory-located openings for them, but most customers do not require any additional framing. Windows are "self flashing." This means that the window trim (flashing) is secured to the building by screwing it into the wall panel. Windows do not have a frame, but we can add a cee channel sub-frame for an additional charge. For customers in areas where the sustained winds can exceed 99 mph, we recommend purchase of a sub-frame.

Can I install regular wooden doors in the building?
That could be a big mistake. Residential doors are designed for a totally different type of structure and will simply not fit your steel building. For one thing, they are made for a 6" jamb, but our buildings need 8". They will also not trim out or seal properly. Trust us, this is not a good way to save money.

What is the R-value of your fiberglass insulation?
The R-value depends on the type of insulation and the thickness. In general, 3-inch insulation is R-10, 4-inch insulation is R-13 and 6-inch insulation is R-19. For more information, see the section on fiberglass.

What is radiant barrier, and what is its R-value?
Briefly, it works on exactly the same principles that allow a thermos bottle to keep hot coffee hot and iced tea cold. For a full description, see the section on reflective foil.

What is a roof jack?
Roof jacks, also known as "pipe flashing" are used to provide a seal around anything projecting through the roof (exhaust pipes, etc.). They consist of a flexible EPDM rubber collar attached to a flexible metal base. They can be cut to fit different sized pipes.

Is the bottom of the 9-foot long ridge vent die formed?
Our standard vent is not die formed, but the flat panel is designed to work with our roof panel. We have not had any complaints with the attachment. There is an optional die-formed vent which is 9 inches x 10 feet. For more information, see the section on ventilation.

What is the interior structure made of?
I'm not sure what the question is, but let me take a stab at it. We do not sell wood studs or sheetrock for finishing out the interior of the building. Standing inside the structure and looking at the walls, you will see the red-iron main frames, red-iron girts, and the back side of the wall panel which will be white (all wall panels are white on the back except for galvalume panels, which are a silver color on both sides). Of course, if you install a vapor barrier, reflective foil, or fiberglass insulation, the facing of this material will cover the wall panels.

Can I add a steel interior liner to my building?
Yes. See the section on Liner Panel for details.

I don't need a building, but I do need sheeting and screws to repair a building I own now. Are these types of items included in your components section? Also, I need a walkdoor but don't want to have to buy a new building to get it.
Right now, we can take component orders through our special quote system.

What brand doors do you sell?
We offer doors and accessories by Clopay, and DBCI.

Which door is the best commercial door?
We think this is an extremely important question for all our customers to ask. Your doors will be the only moving parts on your building; moreover, they will be the first part anyone visiting your building will contact. It is very important that you buy only top quality commercial-grade doors, and that's why we sell only the top brands and most popular models available. As to which one is best for you, that depends on your situation. We post all the information about the doors we sell that their manufacturers can provide us. Visit our online pricing sections for both doors and buildings, check the prices, and read the brochures and specifications that are available for each door in PDF format. Then you can make an informed decision about which door is best.

What comes with the doors?
The standard door system includes the door, the tracks and rollers, torsion springs and other door hardware, e.g., an exterior handle. Some larger doors include a chain hoist while smaller ones do not (however it could be added as an option on the smaller doors). Other options can be viewed in the pricing section, such as windows, seals, and operators.

I'm having some technical problems with your website. Who can help me?
You can call us at 800 945-6572 Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm Central Time or email us.

I found a typographical error in your website. Who do I contact?
We appreciate identification of such errors. We are always open to constructive criticism. If you see errors or have constructive comments please fill out our email form.

How secure is my credit card information
We use 128 bit secure socket layer (SSL) encryption, the highest level of security available for online credit card transactions. For more information, see the sections on Security and Privacy.

(For more information, see our Privacy Statement)

Do I have to provide my email address?
Yes because your email address serves several purposes. We use it to identify you as a unique user and to ensure that only you have access to your personal account. You will be able to store as many price quotes as you want in this account, and once you buy something we will post important information about your order there.

I have entered several quotes and am ready to buy my building; however, my email address has changed. Is it important that you have the current email address?
It is very important. We use email as our primary means of communicating with you. However, you cannot change the email address underwhich your account was established without losing access to all the information in your account. If you change your email address, you will need to call us so we can make the change for you.

Are you going to give my email address or other personal info to anyone?
Absolutely not! We will never sell your information to anyone for any purpose. For more information, see our Privacy Statement.

Are you going to send me junk email?
No way. We do maintain a mailing list of our customers, and on rare occasions (less than once a month) we do send out emails to inform them about things we think they will want to know -- sales, site upgrades, new products, etc. However, you can click the MY ACCOUNT tab and edit your USER PROFILE to remove yourself from our mailing list. We also include a clickable link in every email we send out that will remove you from the list (so long as you are online when you click it). Of course, we strongly recommend that you stay on the mailing list as long as you are in the market for a building or door. For more information, see our Privacy Statement.

Will I need a building permit for my building?
In most cases yes but not always. For example, in some locations no permit is required to erect agricultural buildings. However, we have no way to know for sure, and you will have to answer that question yourself. You should definitely check with your local building inspector before buying a building from us or anyone else.

After I enter my county, your system tells me my building code requirements. Can I assume these are correct?
No, those represent the minimum specifications we will use to design a buildng for your county. You have to tell us what your requirements are, and the only way you can be sure is to check with your local building inspector. The specifications that our system shows you are the minimum requirements as published by Metal Building Manufacturer's Association (MBMA).

When I call my building inspector, what should I tell him or ask him?
One approach is to price a building and print a copy of the purchase contract from the VIEW ORDER screen (there is a link there for a "printable version"). Fax or take the entire contract to the inspector. Unless the inspector requires permit drawings, this contract should give the inspector the information he needs to determine if your building will meet code.

What if I need permit drawings?
We cannot release complete plans until you actually commit to buy the building; however, once you do commit you can choose the "hold for approval" option. When we have received your deposit (immediately if you pay by credit card), we will prepare and send one or more sets of "permit drawings" that you can submit to your inspector, and we will not begin fabrication until you get the necessary permits. See the sections on Ordering a Building and Order Processing for more information.

What if my inspector requires that my drawings be stamped or sealed by an engineer? What if they require design calculations?
We have engineers on retainer who are registered in every state. You will be able to request that your drawings be stamped or that we also provide design calculations (sometimes called "calcs") which some inspectors will require.

How long does it take to get drawings?
If you have requested standard erection drawings (Non-Stamped), we can usually ship them to you within seven to ten business days after we receive your engineering deposit. If you have requested that your drawings be stamped by an engineer, your engineer-stamped construction drawings will be sent to you within seven to fifteen business days after we receive your engineering deposit. We currently ship drawings "signature required" via FedEx 2nd Day, so you must give us an address where someone will be available to take the delivery.
Note: Special Quotes may require additional drawing time.

What kind of drawings do I get?
Our computer-produced drawings include an anchor-bolt plan with reactions, which will give your foundation engineer all the information necessary to design the proper foundation for your building. The set also includes detailed diagrams of every connection used in your building as well as cross-section diagrams for every part of the building, including the main frames, the framing for each wall, the roof sheeting, and the wall sheeting. You can order a complete sample set of actual erection drawings in a variety of sizes for only the cost of shipping and handling, and you can view a sample set of plans online in our Media Library.

What are permit drawings?
Some building inspectors require you to submit drawings with your permit application. If that is the case, you can choose the "hold for permit approval" option when you purchase your building. See the sections on Ordering a Building and Order Processing for more information.

Do I need a password to log into the pricing system or check my online account?
Yes, we recently changed our system so that all user accounts must be protected with a password. One of the reasons we did this was that witout a password anyone who knows your email address can check what you've been doing or even make changes to your account.

I've tried using your pricing system a few times, but I never see any prices. Why not?
One possibility is that you have stopped before giving the program enough information. You must remember that our online system does not give estimates; it returns final, delivered prices. To do that, it has to know the shipping destination, the code and loads, and the complete dimensions -- width, length, eave height, and roof pitch. For a complete description of how it works, see the section on Designing Your Building.

Another reason you might not see prices where you expected them is that you have entered our Special Quote system instead of the online pricing system. Only the online pricing system returns instant prices. Special quote requests must be processed offline by our staff, and they usually need two or three days to engineer and price your custom design(see below).

What does the base building price include?
The base building price is the delivered price for the framing, sheeting, basic trim, and fasteners necessary to construct a fully sheeted building of the specified size and code and load requirements. See the section on Designing a Building for more information.

If I price two different sized buildings, will the price for things like gutters be the same for both? Can the pricing program figure how much gutter is needed for each size building?
You bet it can. Whenever you select an option or accessory, the system will always figure the price specifically for the building you are designing. We are rightfully proud of our system, and this is just one of its more remarkable features. It makes all the necessary calculations to give you accurate prices, and it will not let you choose things that will not work in your building. For more information, see the section on Designing a Building.

What is a "special quote"?
When we manually quote a building offline that cannot be priced with our online system, we call that a special quote. To request an offline quote, you will need to use our special quote form (click to access) to tell us what you want. This form is much more detailed and sophisticated than those you may have seen on other web sites. It allows you to precisely specify all the dimensions, features, and options we can produce and should therefore help eliminate mistakes and miscommunication. In most cases, we process these requests within 72 hours, and when we have finished your quote we notify you by email that it is ready. All you have to do then is login to your online account, click on the SAVED QUOTES tab, and select SPECIAL QUOTES. Simply click the link to open the proper quote, and you will see the same kind of purchase order that our online system produces.

Is there any way we can view the buildings that we input?
Although we cannot create a photographic representation of every potential building design, our system does provide footprint diagrams which depict the general layout you have chosen. Also, if you click on the PICK COLORS tab in the pricing system, you will be able to change the colors on a representative model and view all the possible combinations.

When I'm pricing overhead doors, why don't I see a freight price after I've selected the doors I want?
In the pricing system, whether for buildings or doors alone, you must always go to the VIEW ORDER page to see your total price with freight. Accessing the VIEW ORDER page never obligates you to anything. It just itemizes everything you have selected and gives you a total. If you go back and make changes to your order, they will be reflected in the itemized total the next time you click on VIEW ORDER. If you proceed to buy, this total will be your final delivered price.

What are your terms and conditions, can I see a copy of them?
Yes, click here to see a copy of our terms and conditions.

Can I order a building "hold for permit approval?"
Yes. If your building inspector requires you to submit permit drawings with your permit application, you can choose the "hold for permit approval" option when you purchase your building. Once we have received your deposit (immediately if you pay by credit card), we will prepare and send one or more complete sets of drawings for you to give your inspector, and we will not schedule your job for fabrication until you notify us that you have received the necessary permits and release the job. Understand that engineering deposits are payments for services rendered and are not refundable. For more information, see the section on Ordering a Building.

You say you can ship a building in 5 weeks, but what if I don't need it that soon?
When you buy a building, you have the option to delay shipment up to 8 weeks.

How do I pay for my building?
There are actually two payments. The first is the engineering deposit (20% of the price for your order). The deposit can be paid by credit card or check. The balance is due on delivery and must be paid with a bank cashier's check made payable to STEELBUILDING.COM (no company or personal checks). When the truck carrying your building arrives, you give this payment to the driver. He will not unstrap the load until he receives payment in the proper form and amount. For more information, see the sections on Ordering a Building and Taking Delivery of Your Building.

How do I order without a credit card?
Simply click on MAIL A CHECK, print two copies of your purchase order, sign one copy and mail it to us with your check, and keep the other copy for your records. Once we have received your check, we will begin processing your order. See the section on Ordering a Building for more information.

Do you charge sales tax?
STEELBUILDING.COM collects sales, excise, and/or use taxes for products we sell. STEELBUILDING.COM complies fully with all applicable tax laws.

Does your company finance?

What if I want to make changes to my order?
This is something we want to avoid. We cannot have it both ways. The same unique automated systems that allow us to fill your orders faster and more efficiently than our competitors also make it very difficult to stop the ball once it has started rolling. We urge you to take as much time as you need and design exactly the building you want before you order it. One of the nice things about our online pricing system is that you can design and redesign as many building configurations as you want at your convenience. Once you have placed an order, we will have to charge you for any change that is made to it. This is not a ploy to increase our revenue. Making even small changes is very expensive and time consuming for us. As you can imagine, after a building goes into fabrication, it is either impossible or incredibly expensive to change it. You have to understand that we reach that point at STEELBUILDING.COM much faster than the average metal building company. So again, we will do everything we can to help you design the building you want in the first place, and we ask that you consider how our company is different from others you may be accustomed to dealing with. We believe those differences work to your benefit, so take advantage of them. For more information, see the section on Order Processing.

Can I pick up a building with my own truck?
No. There are too many reasons why we can't let you do that to list. No. (Trust us, it would not save you any money).

Where do you ship from?
Our buildings are shipped from 39 manufacturing and distribution points across North America.

How is it possible that you can ship a building to my location in New Mexico for basically the same price as a building in Missouri?
The answer is easy - we have 39 shipping points in North America, so one has to be near you wherever you are. Generally, the difference in price for the same building in Missouri or New Mexico will be more the result of building code requirements than freight charges.

Do I need a foundation for my building?

At the very least, you will need concrete piers for the columns to sit on. Most people pour a full slab, but if you are using the building on a farm or ranch and plan to have dirt, gravel, or sawdust floors a pier system may be preferable. In these situations, a popular option is to combine piers with a concrete footing around the perimeter of the building. With a pier system, you will need to select the "base girt" option (For additional information, see the base options section of this FAQ).

Do you provide the pier or foundation plan?
No, since your foundation or pier system needs to be designed for the soil conditions in your area, you need a local engineer to do your foundation plan. Along with your erection drawings, we supply an anchor bolt plan with reactions, which will provide the engineer the information he needs about the building. You can often get a referral for a local engineer from your concrete supplier.

Can these buildings be put up without a concrete plan?
A foundation plan may not be required by you local code officials. In this case, a competent concrete supply company can use our anchor bolt setting plan and reactions to determine the needed PSI of your concrete. You must check with your local officials to see what is required.

Do you supply the anchor bolts for attaching the frame to the slab?
No. The common practice is to set the anchor bolts when the slab is poured, and most people want to have their slabs fully completed before the building arrives so they can begin erecting immediately. That is why people appreciate how quickly we deliver drawings (and anchor bolt plans). Our fast service allows people to start designing and constructing their slabs within days of placing their orders. Because our buildings themselves arrive so quickly (4-6 weeks), builders have very little if any down time between finishing the slab and beginning to erect the building.

What if I already have a foundation I want to use for the building?
Assuming that your foundation is adequate, there are several types of anchor bolts that can be installed in an existing slab. Your concrete engineer or supplier should be able to help you decide what options are best for your situation

What are the options for mounting the building to the concrete slab?
Our online design and pricing system has a BASE TRIM option under the ACCESSORIES tab, which offers a text description and graphical display of the steel to concrete connections. Our most popular connection type is the DELUXE BASE TRIM option. It allows you to pour a slab without forming a notch and serves very well in keeping out the critters. For an illustrated description of your choices, see the base options section.

What slab thickness do you recommend?
Slab thickness must be determined by a foundation engineer or your local officials. For ballpark estimating purposes, slabs in the southern half of the U.S.A. tend to be 4 inches while the thickness can exceed 8 inches in northern climates.

Do you unload the building for me?
No. Insurance regulations prevent the driver from assisting. You will have to unload the building yourself, and you will definitely need help to do it as well as some lifting equipment. We recommend that you have a total of at least three people to unload. For more information, see the section on Taking Delivery of Your Building.

What's the most important thing I need to know about taking delivery of my building?
YOU MUST INVENTORY YOUR BUILDING WHEN IT ARRIVES. You need to immediately note any shortages or damage on the bill of lading before signing it, and you have two (2) days to report "hidden damage" or missing or damaged goods that arrived in sealed containers (for example, screws that come in sealed boxes). Unfortunately, job sites suffer a high incidence of theft, especially when they are left unattended for days or weeks. We cannot be held responsible for shortages you report days, weeks, or months after a building arrives. Most of the problems we deal with after delivery are caused by people not inventorying their building when it arrives. We cannot overemphasize how important a proper inventory is to you. See the section on Taking Delivery of Your Building for more info. If you are not ready to put the building up at the time of delivery, you may store it; first, you will need to read the instructions that come with your drawings on how to care for and store the wall and roof sheets, and second you must inventory the building when it arrives.

What kind of heavy equipment will I need?
That depends on the size of your building. We limit our bundle weights to a maximum of three thousand pounds, and often a a forklift or boom truck with spreader bar is adequate. See the section on Taking Delivery of Your Building for more info.

Does everything come at once?
All the parts of the building will arrive at the same time, but insulation and overhead doors (if you ordered these) will come in separate shipments. Insulation and overhead doors are shipped by their manufacturers, and STEELBUILDING.COM has limited control over when or how this is done.

Do I need a professional contractor to erect my building?
STEELBUILDING.COM has no way to determine if our customers have the necessary skills and experience to safely erect their buildings, so we do not recommend that they do so. Although erecting a bolt-together pre-engineered steel building does not require specialized skills like carpentry or masonry and many of our customers do it themselves, construction work is dangerous, and larger buildings bring larger hazards. In any case, your erectors will have an outstanding set of clear common-sense drawings and can call on our technical support staff at 877 340-9101 for any assistance they need.

Are there any erectors that you recommend?
We do not provide referrals or recommendations for erectors for a couple of good reasons. First, since we sell worldwide we can't keep up with them; erectors come and go. The erector that's in business today may not be tomorrow. Second, since none of them work directly for us, we cannot guarantee the quality of their work. If you do feel the need to turn over the erection of your building to a professional erector, it's best to ask around in your local area for someone who does quality work.

How much does it cost to erect a building?
A very loose rule of thumb is that you can figure $4 to $6 per square foot for erection. This rule can vary widely depending on your location. For example, it is much more expensive to hire a crew in an urban county in California than it is in a rural county in Arkansas.

How long does it take to erect a building?
This is really driven by the size of the structure, the number of personnel, and the skill of the workers. Very roughly though, a reasonably skilled team of three workers can put up a 2400 square foot building in a week.

Do you sell in Canada?
Yes. But you must pick up the building and/or accessory items at one of our plants in the continental United States of America. Therefore, you are responsible for obtaining any Canadian permits or approvals and taking care of any fees, duties, tariffs, licenses or other approvals.

Do you accept Canadian funds?

Can you give me a quote in Canadian funds?

Do you ship buildings overseas?
We sell buildings for overseas shipment; however, the customer is responsible for obtaining the services of a freight forwarder.


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