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STEELBUILDING.COM is your first and only online supplier of pre-engineered steel buildings Photo of Man in Hard Hat Holding Blueprints
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Located at 2612 Gribble, North Little Rock, Arkansas 72114, our office is home to our management team, our programming and web development staff, and our pricing, engineering, accounting, and client services departments. If you're in the neighborhood, please drop by for a visit. We'll be happy to buy you a cup of coffee.

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Our Technology
STEELBUILDING.COM provides customers with some of the most advanced technologies in the construction industry. Our remarkable online pricing system gives you capabilities that many metal building professionals do not have. Most retailers are actually middlemen or brokers who lack the expensive engineering systems needed to design, detail, and price buildings. To get you a final price, these dealers and brokers must request a quote from their wholesale supplier. That's why so many start you out with "ball park" estimates and may take days or weeks to give you a final quote.

At STEELBUILDING.COM, you can generate your own price quotes. With our online pricing system, you can design custom steel buildings from 900 to 15,000 square feet, add advanced features like liner panels, roof overhangs, and framed openings, and get accurate delivered prices in only minutes. But that's only the beginning. Our pricing program is just one component of an integrated system that exchanges and coordinates information between our internal departments, the manufacturing plants, and outside suppliers. The result is that STEELBUILDING.COM can process your order, produce and mail your drawings, and fabricate and deliver your steel building more quickly, accurately, and efficiently than anyone else. Despite what any competitor may claim, that's simply the way it is.

Our Manufacturing Facilities
STEELBUILDING.COM fabricates components in a network of over 40 state-of-the-art plants spread across the country. Precision machinery and advanced computerized systems allow us to produce high-quality steel buildings for you quickly and accurately. Strategic locations assure you of the lowest possible freight costs. Each plant is certified annually by the Metal Building Division of the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC).


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One of our many manufacturing facilities

2612 Gribble | North Little Rock, AR 72114 | 800.945.6572 |

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