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Measuring for Garage Doors
Note: See the section on garage door safety for important additional information.

Whether you are replacing an existing door or pricing doors for a new garage, you must measure properly to be sure you order the right size. The illustrated instructions below explain the process.

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Step #1
Measure the width and height of the door opening in feet and inches. You will need a door the same size as this rough opening.

Step #2
Measure for sideroom. You will need 3 �" on each side to install the vertical track for standard extension springs, standard torsion springs, or the EZ-Set Torsion Spring System. For an EZ-Set Extension Spring System, you will need 5 �".

Garage Door Measuring Diagram

Step #3
Measure your headroom -- the distance between the top of the door opening (jamb header) and the ceiling (or floor joist). You will need 10" headroom for standard extension springs or an EZ-Set Extension Spring System. For standard torsion springs or an EZ-Set Torsion Spring System, you will need 12" headroom. If you have restricted headroom, a "low headroom" track may be available for your door. Be aware that electric operators may require additional headroom.

Step #4
Measure your backroom -- the distance from the door opening to the back wall of the garage. Door height plus 18" is required. Be aware that electric operators may need additional backroom.

STEELBUILDING.COM has no way to judge whether a customer has the skill or experience to safely install an overhead door, so we recommend using a professional installer.

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