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Opening a self storage franchise is a business investment that usually pays for itself within 5 years. With STEELBUILDING.COM's wide selection of self storage building systems, you can find or create the metal buildings you need to get started or upgrade your self storage business. Whether you're opening a self storage franchise and are looking for the right metal building kits to get you started, or you already have a complex and want to add additional units, we're here to help.

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And with our online design system, it's easy to customize your self storage buildings systems to meet the space needs of your business.

Design Online

Our online design system allows you to choose from over 600 different layouts for your self storage franchise buildings. Not only can you experiment with floor plans to see which one is right for your business needs, you can also generate as many accurate quotes as you need. It's important that you make the right choice for your business, and we're here to help make finding the right self storage building systems convenient and easy, every step of the way.

Generate an accurate quote on self storage building systems for your self storage franchise with our online pricing system.

Portable Kiosks and Booths

For the business that needs a smaller more portable commercial steel building, our portable kiosks and booths are an economical and versatile solution. These smaller self storage building systems are available in sizes ranging from 4'x3½' to 8'x12'. There are many features and accessories that you can add on to these portable structures including air conditioning and heating, exterior lighting, additional electrical outlets, and steel cash drawers.

Here are just some of the ways these smaller, portable commercial metal buildings can be used for your business:

  • Guard Booths - These make great guard booths for your industrial facility or distribution center.

  • Parking Lot Booths - Perfect for businesses that have paid parking lots, these are a great option for your parking lot stations.

  • Ticket Booths - If your business or school holds events like carnivals or other events requiring tickets, these portable commercial metal buildings make great ticket booths.

  • Retail Kiosks - For the store that attends fairs, carnivals, or festivals, these small commercial metal buildings are a great way to sell your products.

  • Information Centers - If your business attends trade shows or community events, these structures are great to use as a central location to hand out information about your company.

Price a portable, commercial steel building for your business with our online pricing system today.


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