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STEELBUILDING.COM is your first and only online supplier of pre-engineered steel buildings Photo of Man in Hard Hat Holding Blueprints

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Steel Building Experience You Can Rely On
Most of STEELBUILDING.COM's senior managers and division leaders have spent at least ten years in the steel building industry, and some have contributed more than 25. You have the benefit of all that experience and more.

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When we developed STEELBUILDING.COM, we wanted some different perspectives and new ideas on building systems, so we added experts in computer technology, communications and production management to our core group of industry veterans. Together, we created a whole new kind of steel building company, one that preserved time-tested principles, capitalized on new technologies and avoided past mistakes. With every step we've taken, STEELBUILDING.COM has broken new ground, and every change has been good for you and the creation of your steel buildings.

Metal Building Package Prices You Can Believe
One of the most important things we changed was the way steel buildings are priced. STEELBUILDING.COM was the first company to publish uniform prices, and no one has ever done you a bigger favor. In the past, you never knew if you were paying the same price as the person before you, and your only leverage was to play companies off each other. At STEELBUILDING.COM, everyone who quotes the same metal buildings gets the same price -- our best price. You can bet that when you contact one of our competitors, they are worried that you have already been here. Our benchmark keeps them honest and helps lower your price even when you don't buy from us. But the fact is that very few companies can match our numbers on an apples-to-apples quote.

Steel Building Information You Can Use
STEELBUILDING.COM also wanted to eliminate the gray areas in a typical building quote and make it clear what we were promising to provide. Our itemized contracts are the most detailed and specific in the industry. You'll never see separate items like insulation "included" in one catch-all price, and you'll never have to wonder what kind of "roll up door" you're paying for. When you add a commercial door to our contract, it gets a line-item price that lists the make, model, color and any other options you've chosen. All your accessories and optional building features are broken out with their own prices. You know exactly what you're paying for. If you want additional details or specifications for metal building packages, the chances are you will find them on our web site. We've put enough information here to fill dozens of brochures, all conveniently located where you can access it 24 hours a day at STEELBUILDING.COM.

Service You Can Call On for Metal Buildings
STEELBUILDING.COM provides outstanding customer service. We have an entire staff of highly-trained product-information specialists whose only job is to answer your questions about our steel buildings, building kits, or metal building packages, our pricing system and our company. You can reach them toll free during our office hours at (800) 945-6572. Our Client Services Department also houses our expert technical-support staff and our shipping coordinator who are both ready to help you once you have purchased your steel buildings.

Technology You Can Trust
STEELBUILDING.COM has taken every possible measure to protect your personal information and your credit card data. We never reveal information about our customers except as necessary to process orders, and we never send unsolicited e-mail. Please see our complete privacy and personal information policy for any concerns you may have.

Mark Grice, Our Drafting and Engineering Manager

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