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STEELBUILDING.COM is your first and only online supplier of pre-engineered steel buildings Photo of Man in Hard Hat Holding Blueprints

Designing Steel Buildings Online

Steel Buildings Designed Your Way
STEELBUILDING.COM's user-friendly system lets you design your steel building from the ground up. You select the dimensions, features and options you want using simple menus and point-and-click diagrams. You can change specifications for your commercial or agricultural steel buildings at any time and experiment to your heart's content.
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Our intelligent system makes sure that you can only choose options that will work together. Listed below is a step-by-step outline of how to use the system.

STEELBUILDING.COM's online design and pricing system can produce millions of design combinations, and we are continuously expanding it. You can view its current design parameters at the beginning of the building section. If you need something outside its capability, you can request an offline quote using our special quote form.
  • Step 1: Enter state and county
    STEELBUILDING.COM's system always gives you delivered prices, so it has to know your shipping location. Since we do not add profit to freight, you only pay the actual cost, and because of our high volume and strategic shipping locations, we have outstanding rates.
  • Step 2: Choose building code and design loads for Pre-Engineered Building Systems
    The pricing system will display the minimum code requirements to build a steel building in your county as published by the Metal Building Manufacturer's Association (MBMA). You can accept or edit these specifications by choosing the appropriate button.
    Note: STEELBUILDING.COM engineers each building to meet or exceed specific design loads as defined by a particular building code. The buyer is responsible for specifying the code and loads. In most cases, these will have to meet the requirements of the local permit office. Even when a permit is unnecessary, STEELBUILDING.COM requires that the requested code and design loads meet or exceed those listed in the MBMA's Low-Rise System Manual for the location of the building.
  • Step 3: Choose drawing options
    With each building order, STEELBUILDING.COM includes three complete sets of our standard erection drawings with anchor-bolt plan and reactions printed on 11"x17" paper. For an additional charge, you can have your drawings stamped (wet seal) by an engineer licensed in the state where the steel building is to be located, or you can choose stamped drawings with design calculations. These options may be required by your permit office. If you have additional requirements, such as larger drawings or a particular scale, contact us before placing an order (You can see examples of our drawings in the media library.
  • Steps 4 - 8: Enter the building dimensions
    The basic dimensions are entered in sequence:

    1. Width -- the out-to-out distance of the gabled ends or "endwalls"
    2. Length -- the out-to-out distance of the sidewall
    3. Eave height -- the height of the sidewalls (the minimum height, not the peak of the gable)
    4. Bays -- the "bay spacing" or number of frames and distance between them
    5. Roof pitch -- the angle the roof inclines to the peak

  • Step 9: Base building price
    Once you have entered the necessary information, the system returns a "base building price." This is the delivered price for a closed box with certain standard features and includes the primary and secondary framing, the wall panels, roof panels, and simple trim but does not include any openings, options, accessories, or color choices. Although the price is valid, this is not a quote yet. To create a quote, complete with an itemized purchase order, you have to click the NEXT button.

  • Step 10 and beyond: What comes NEXT
    Once you pass the "base building" screen, you will have a whole range of choices that will allow you to fine tune your building's design and outfit it with numerous features and accessories. A new set of tabs will appear at the top of the screen, each linked to a different set of design options. You will start on the "Select Framed Openings" page, but you can move freely back and forth between any of the sections by choosing the appropriate tab. At any time, you can click the "View Order" tab to see an itemized purchase order for everything you have chosen so far. You can also click the "Save" button to store the quote you're working on in your online account so you can recall it later.

  • Optional: Select framed openings
    Unlike most companies, STEELBUILDING.COM designs and factory-locates your framed openings for a bolt-up assembly with no field modifications. To specify an opening, select the wall and bay where you want it and enter its size (use the "Reset" option to remove an opening). Then you can precisely locate the opening between the columns in that bay. Our advanced system can handle most situations, but you can request a special quote if you are unable to specify the size or location you want.

  • Optional: Choose door models
    Once you have added one or more framed openings to your building, you can shop for doors to put in them. STEELBUILDING.COM has a wide selection of top name-brand commercial doors with all their options and accessories. As always, our advanced system will only offer you choices that work together, fit your building, and meet your code requirements. Note: STEELBUILDING.COM cannot guarantee that a given opening will have sufficient clearance to mount a door we do not supply. If you plan to buy doors from someone else, check with us first for accurate available clearances.

  • Optional: Building accessories
    The accessory section allows you to add both useful products to your order and deluxe features to your steel building:

  • Optional: Insulation
    You can add two types of insulation to your steel building: fiberglass and reflective foil. Within each major category, you can choose from numerous grades, amounts, and options, and our intelligent system will figure the square footage needed for the building you have designed. If you change the building (for example, by adding another framed opening) it will automatically recalculate the amount of insulation needed and re-price it for you.

  • Optional: Pick Colors
    Your base building price includes PBR wall panels and STEELBUILDING.COM's own deluxe trim package -- both in your choice of colors -- and PBR roof panels in bare Bare GALVALUME� (PDF format). From the "Pick Colors" section, you can select your wall and trim colors, price and select an upgrade to a colored roof, and substitute an architectural profile (PBA) for your wall panels. To help you visualize your options, a sample building changes color to match your choices.


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