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Metal Building Panel Profiles

"PB" Panels
All the paneling STEELBUILDING.COM sells for use with commercial steel buildings has purlin bearing or "PB" profiles. Unlike standard profiles, PB profiles have an extended leg on the under lapping edge (see diagrams below). This extra reinforcement offers several advantages for roofs and walls.
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The panel laps are easier to align and stitch together properly, so the panels install more quickly and look better when done. On roofs, the bearing leg protects against foot-traffic damage and helps prevent the panel from "rolling" and perhaps creating leaks.
PB type panel profile diagram Basic panel profile diagram

Roof Panel Profiles for Metal & Commercial Buildings
STEELBUILDING.COM's standard roof sheeting is the PBR panel, which is available in GALVALUME� as well as a variety of colors. The "R" profile has long been an industry standard and is installed on most metal buildings.
PBR Panel

Metal Building Wall Panel Profiles
STEELBUILDING.COM's standard wall sheeting is PBR panel. We also offer PBA architectural panel. The "A" profile partially conceals the fasteners, which are only visible to someone directly facing the wall, and it creates a very attractive shadow pattern (it is often called "shadow panel"). PBR and PBA panels are made from the same coil stock, have the same specifications and cost the same per sheet. However, the PBA profile usually adds a little to the price of a metal building because less of the panel contacts the girts, so we have to add extra bracing to compensate for the loss of diaphragm effect (for more information on diaphragm action, see the framing section).
PBA Panel

Liner/Partition Panel Profiles for Metal Buildings
For liner panels, STEELBUILDING.COM offers a choice of PBR or PBU. PBU panel is also available for walls as a Special Quote option at the same price as PBR.

PBU Panel


The 'shadow' profile of
The 'shadow' profile of "PBA" panel

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