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Metal Building Systems

STEELBUILDING.COM is the original and largest e-commerce supplier of metal building systems on the Internet. Our advanced computerized technology puts you in control of the design process for all pre engineered metal building systems you order. From specifying the length and width of your building to designating the roof pitch and trim, your metal structure is custom designed to your specifications.

Custom Designed Building Systems

We're dedicated to providing our customers with convenient online design capabilities to create pre engineered metal building systems that fit their unique needs. Although our design and pricing system uses some of the most advanced technologies, we haven't forgotten our commitment to old-fashioned principles, like service and integrity. When you order your metal buildings from STEELBUILDING.COM, you can be sure that you're making the right choice.

Framing Types

STEELBUILDING.COM has several different framing options for use with our pre engineered metal buildings. While our online pricing and design system supports is clearspan framing, you can also choose from modular frames or single slope frames by using our special quote form.

Clearspan Frames

Our clearspan framing option is the most popular type for our metal building systems because it offers outstanding durability, economy, versatility, and strength. Clearspan frames are great for those looking for pre engineered building systems that require a large area of unbroken space, or one that needs to be partitioned off, such as agricultural structures, athletic facilities, and factories.

Modular Frames

Pre engineered building systems that use modular frames utilize interior columns which help to distribute the load more evenly and can reduce the foundations and overall framing costs. Modular framed metal building systems are often used as factories and other moderate-to-extremely large structures.

Single Slope Frames

For steel building systems that choose single slope frames, the roof of the building "slopes" up from the front to the back. These frames types are often used for metal building systems meant for strip shopping centers, self storage franchise complexes, and office buildings.

Client Services

While our website has a wealth of valuable information about our convenient metal building systems, we know there will still be times when you want to speak to an actual person. Our staff full of highly-trained and highly-skilled representatives is ready to help you with such things as:

  • Product Information - Our specialists are here to provide you with the answers you need about our pre engineered metal building systems.

  • Help Using our System - If you have any questions about how to use our online design and pricing system or need a walk through the ordering process, we're more than happy to help.

  • Comparison Shopping - If you find a lower quote on a similar metal building, please give us a call. Also, make sure you use our quote comparison checklist to make sure you're getting everything you need.

  • Shipping Information - Our highly qualified shipping department is always working to make sure your metal building systems always arrive on time. If you have any questions, need to make other shipping arrangements, or need help coordinating multiple deliveries, please give us a call.

  • Technical Support - Whether you have a question about erecting your building or how to install insulation or doors, give our technical team a call and we'll help you get the job done.

  • Customer Service - We will do everything we can to help resolve any order issues fairly and quickly should they arise.

Our team is here to make your pre engineered metal building systems purchases as easy and convenient as possible. Create a steel building to fit your needs today using our custom online design and pricing system.

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