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At STEELBUILDING.COM, we know that an industrial steel building is a major purchase. As the largest e-commerce supplier of steel buildings, we are committed to making sure that your ordering experience is a good one. Our team of people is largely made up of talented individuals who have extensive experience in the steel buildings industry, and are dedicated to making your industrial building purchase as easy and convenient as possible.
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Before buying your steel buildings, there are a few things that should be considered. Think of this as the planning stage. To make sure that our customers are as informed as possible, we've put together some general advice to help you with the planning stages of your industrial steel building project.

Budgeting Your Project

When budgeting for your steel building project, it's important that you consider the project in its entirety. While you will always get a great price on your custom industrial building from us, the price of the structure is rarely more than half of the overall cost of your project. Although our price includes drawings, the design, and materials for your building, there are other costs such as the foundation and labor. If you're going to add heating, electricity, cooling, plumbing, and flooring to your industrial steel building, you will want to take those prices into consideration, too.

Use our custom design system to generate a quote on your steel building.

Building Permits

Before purchasing your industrial steel building, permit requirements will need to be determined. While many people delay or avoid this task, this is never a good idea. Once you start gathering prices on your structure, you need to get in touch with the appropriate local authorities to find out what permits are required to construct a steel building. If you need a permit to build, here are things you'll need to find out:

  • What the building code is (i.e., IBC or UBC).
  • What the design loads are (wind, etc.).
  • Whether you need to submit stamped drawings.
  • Whether you need to submit design calculations.

Please note: Without this information, you cannot generate a correct price on your industrial steel building.

To begin generating a quote, get started with our online design and pricing system.

What about foundations?

When choosing a foundation for your industrial steel building, STEELBUILDING.COM strongly recommends employing an experienced local foundation engineer for the design. The erection drawings that you will receive will include all the information for your qualified engineer to design a suitable foundation. The "anchor-bolt setting plan with reactions" will help your engineer determine the best foundation for your steel industrial building.

Contact us to get started on the design of your custom metal building today.

Design Online

After you've taken care of the planning stage, the next step is to design your structure. By using our convenient online design system, you can create your industrial steel building from the ground up. By selecting the dimensions, options, and features, you are in total control of your steel building. If you're not sure if one part goes with another, our system is designed to make sure that you can only choose parts that are compatible with each other. If you need a building quote that is outside the scope of our online system, we are more than happy to provide you with a special quote.

Create the design of your industrial steel building by using our user-friendly online design system.


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