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STEELBUILDING.COM is your first and only online supplier of pre-engineered steel buildings Photo of Man in Hard Hat Holding Blueprints

Metal Buildings at Your Convenience

Pre-Engineered Metal Building Systems
At STEELBUILDING.COM, you won't have to play phone tag or wait on someone else's schedule. You can design the metal building system you want, get a delivered price instantly, and buy when you get ready. We put you in control.

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  • Access our online system 24 hours a day
  • Experiment with different steel building designs
  • Price a variety of custom steel building features
  • Shop dozens of optional accessories
  • Save your designs and price quotes
  • Get instant pricing on everything we sell
Instant Pricing on Metal Building Packages
At STEELBUILDING.COM, you can get detailed, final prices in minutes with no high pressure and no gray areas. All you have to do is use our simple, yet powerful system to design the commercial or agricultural metal buildings you want, and it will create a proposed contract with line-item prices for every feature, option and accessory you choose. Every aspect of our metal building packages is spelled out, and all prices include shipping so you know exactly what it will cost to have the materials you need delivered to your site. STEELBUILDING.COM never gives "ball-park" estimates, conceals hidden charges or adds extra fees. Unless you change something, you pay the price you see. Always check with your permit office before buying a metal building.
One-Stop Shopping
In addition to standard accessories like walk doors and windows, STEELBUILDING.COM's online system allows you to add insulation and overhead doors to your metal building packages. You can browse a huge range of insulation options, and the system will automatically calculate and price the proper amounts for your building's design. You can also shop brand-name commercial doors with all of their available options. As always, your selections will be itemized and fully described on your quote so you know exactly what you will get and how much your pre-engineered metal building systems cost.
Your Online Account
The first time you enter the pricing system, you will create a private account that performs several important tasks for you. Each time you log on to the system, it remembers the last quote you saved and asks if you would like to pick up where you left off. Better yet, you can save as many different quotes in your account for commercial, agricultural or other metal building systems as you wish. And you can review, print or edit them whenever you want. If you submit a special quote request, we will post the finished quote in your account where you can review or buy it just like the quotes you create yourself. (Note: STEELBUILDING.COM never releases personal information or sends unsolicited e-mail; see our
privacy statement).
Instant Information on Your Steel Buildings
Once you've ordered your steel building, you'll never have to chase someone down to find out where things stand. Our integrated system automatically notifies you of important events by e-mail, and all of the information you need to manage your metal building systems is posted in your online account the second it becomes available. You can login to your account anytime to see when your drawings were mailed and when your deliveries are scheduled. We'll call you to verify delivery information, and you can call us whenever you want, but you can usually find out everything you need to know about your metal building kit just by checking your online steel buildings account. (For a full description of this powerful system, visit the page on ordering in our project planning section).
Quick Delivery of Your Metal Building Kits
When it comes to fast service, STEELBUILDING.COM is in a class by itself. Our highly automated, computerized operation gives us a huge advantage over other companies offering metal building kits. From the time you place an order, we can mail your drawings and post your delivery dates within 7 to 14 working days, and we can have your steel on site in 8 to 10 weeks. A lot of our competitors will tell you they can match that timetable, but they can't. It's just that simple.
Hassle Free Metal Building Systems
In case you're wondering if our automated systems cause oversights and hurried mistakes, just the opposite is true. Unlike most companies when it comes to commercial and agricultural metal buildings, our drafting and engineering department is not burdened with a lot of hand detailing, paper shuffling and order tracking. Instead, they devote most of their time and expertise to making sure that everything on your order was done correctly. The result is that STEELBUILDING.COM delivers quality pre-engineered metal building systems in the shortest time and with the fewest mistakes of anyone in our industry.

One of our many steel buildings

Example of our pricing system frame selection

Interior of building, liner panel, and overhead door

One of our many frameshops

The process of erecting a building

One of our completed steel buildings

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