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A commercial steel building is an excellent place to run your business. Cost-effective and durable, commercial metal buildings are becoming more popular as a low maintenance choice for today's businesses. Here are just some of the great commercial uses for metal buildings from STEELBUILDING.COM.

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  • Auto Body Shop - Our metal buildings are perfect for auto body shops that need plenty of space for automobiles and valuable tools.

  • Gym - Use our metal buildings for business situations that require large open spaces or separate, partitioned off areas - perfect for a gym with different workout areas.

  • Aircraft Hangars - Our larger commercial metal buildings make excellent aircraft hangars.

  • Auto Repair Shop - For mechanics who need a durable building with plenty of space for several cars and their expensive equipment, commercial metal buildings are an excellent choice.

  • Welding Shop - Our metal buildings are an excellent fire-resistant choice for commercial welders.

Use our online pricing application to design your metal building systems.

Design Your Building Online

While our online system can produce a large variety of building sizes and specifications, there is the occasion when you'll need to request a quote. Our team is also happy to provide special design quotes for customers looking to build commercial metal buildings that fall outside these predetermined size specifications.

Commercial Metal Buildings of Many Sizes

For your convenience, here are the specifications that you can use with our online designing system:

  • Width: 30' Minimum Width; 100' Maximum Width
  • Width Increment: 1'
  • Length: 30' Minimum Length; 150' Maximum Length
  • Eave Height: 10' Minimum Eave Height; 20' Maximum Eave Height
  • Bay Spacing: 15' Minimum Bay Spacing; 30' Maximum Bay Spacing
  • Roof Pitch: 1:12" Minimum Roof Pitch; 4:12" Maximum Roof Pitch
  • Square Footage: Minimum Square Footage: 900; Maximum Square Footage: 15,000

See what other specifications can be used by using our online building design system to create the commercial steel building you need.

Why Steel Buildings?

Commercial metal buildings are an excellent choice for business locations. In addition to being cost-effective, using metal buildings for commercial purposes provides many other benefits. Here are a few of the benefits you get when you buy commercial steel buildings from STEELBUILDING.COM:

  • Cost Effective - Buildings made out of wood are often susceptible to mold, rot, and termites. By using a commercial steel building, you save yourself the potential cost of these problems.

  • Low Maintenance - Because commercial metal buildings are resistant to mold and come with a 20-year paint warranty, you will have very little maintenance costs for your building.

  • Fire Resistant - Metal buildings are fire resistant, providing your business with an extra level of safety.

  • Weather Resistant - Our commercial metal buildings are built to stand up against some of the harshest weather conditions, including snow, rain, and the hot weather found in many parts of the country.

  • Environmentally Friendly - Did you know that steel is a 100% recyclable product? What does this mean for you? By using a commercial steel building, you are making a choice that is not only good for your business, but is also good for the environment.

Buy Commerical Metal Buildings

Ready to start taking advantage of the benefits of a commercial steel building? Log into our design and pricing system now and start creating a metal building for your business now.


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