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Whether you're an auto mechanic who is looking for a building to use as your shop or a welder looking for a fire-resistant building for your business, our steel commercial buildings can be designed to meet your specifications. When you buy from STEELBUILDING.COM, you are in complete control of your building's specifications.

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Custom Designed

When you invest in a commercial steel building from STEELBUILDING.COM, you can be sure that it is never off-the-shelf. Once you design and order your building, we engineer the drawings used to fabricate your structure at one of our manufacturing facilities. We have more than 40 manufacturing sites located across North America. What does this mean for you? It means you're getting a product with unmatched accuracy, precision, and quality.

Start designing custom steel buildings to meet your exact commercial specifications.

Quality Steel Commercial Buildings

STEELBUILDING.COM is committed to customer satisfaction. It is this dedication that drives us to deliver only the highest quality metal buildings to all of our customers. Our steel commercial buildings are comprised of only the best materials and go through extensive quality control measures. Here are just some of the ways that you can see our commitment to providing you with a quality product that will last for years:

  • Materials - Our steel commercial buildings, like all buildings fabricated by STEELBUILDING.COM, use only the finest materials and products available. All of our building components are made from first-run steel and the specifications of our materials always meet, and often exceed, nominal tolerances.

  • Technology - Our online pricing and design system gives you numerous capabilities that our competitors can't. Our system works from your design specifications to fully engineer your commercial steel building. Not only will it generate an accurate list of materials and precise details for the factory, it also produces common-sense plans for erection and provides you with an accurate quote.

  • Manufacturing - We have more than 40 manufacturing sites spread throughout North America; all of them the most advanced technology and the latest techniques. Not only does this bring you a quality product, it also lowers your shipping costs as your building is manufactured and shipped out of the facility closest to you.

  • Quality Control - To make sure that your steel commercial buildings arrive on time with the right products and the right materials, STEELBUILDING.COM uses human and automated quality controls. Our dedicated personnel re-check every design you order by hand before it gets sent to the plant. Our computerized systems track every order from start to finish, and alerts us to any potential problems.

  • Our Personnel - STEELBUILDING.COM is known for its advanced technology, but we also have a highly-skilled and talented group of people that we rely on for our success. We operate extensive training and cross-training programs for our personnel, and support continuing education in critical skills.

Whether you're looking for a great deal on steel commercial buildings, or want to design a new industrial steel building, you can depend on STEELBUILDING.COM.

Get started now! Contact us today or get an accurate quote using with our online pricing system.


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