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STEELBUILDING.COM is your first and only online supplier of pre-engineered steel buildings Photo of Man in Hard Hat Holding Blueprints

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STEELBUILDING.COM combines old-fashioned principles of integrity and service with the most advanced 21st Century technologies to give you the best source for pre-engineered metal building systems.

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You'll find only the highest quality materials and finest name-brand products

You'll always get the most for your building dollar. Low prices save you money up front, and deluxe features lower your construction costs and extend the life of your steel buildings.

You'll enjoy the ease, simplicity and speed of doing business online

We will support you with years of experience in steel buildings, a library of information, effective security systems and outstanding customer service

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Design, Price, and Buy Steel Buildings Online
STEELBUILDING.COM was the first and still is the only true e-commerce supplier of residential and commercial metal buildings. Although some others claim to have Internet pricing and sales, none really do. Their online quotes are only estimates, and you won't see the real prices until they fax or mail you a written contract. Only STEELBUILDING.COM lets you design your agricultural or commercial steel buildings, create your final contract and buy it online for the price you see on your computer screen.

At STEELBUILDING.COM, you are in control. You have full command of our state-of-the-art design and pricing system, which gives you a wide range of design options, shows you accurate, delivered prices, allows you to generate fully itemized purchase orders, lets you save your quotes for later review or editing and helps you get exactly the industrial, agricultural or commercial steel buildings you need at a price you can afford. Listed below is an overview of its capabilities (also see the section on designing):
Steel Building Sizes
(online design and pricing)*

Minimum Width
Maximum Width
Width Increment
Minimum Length
Maximum Length
Minimum Eave Height
Maximum Eave Height
Minimum Bay Spacing
Maximum Bay Spacing
Minimum Roof Pitch
Maximum Roof Pitch
Minimum Square Footage
Maximum Square Footage
Custom Design for Features for Steel Buildings
(online design and pricing)*
Steel Building Codes
(online design and pricing)*
  • IBC 2000, 2003, 2006
  • BOCA 1999
  • SBC 1999
  • UBC 1997
  • ASCE 1998
  • MBMA 1996
  • CBC 2001 (California)
  • CSBC 2000 (Connecticut)
  • FBC 2001 (Florida)
  • IBC 2000 (Indiana)
  • KBC 2003 (Kentucky)
  • MSC 1993 (Massachusetts)
  • MBC 2000 (Michigan)
  • NYSBC 2003 (New York)
  • NCBC 2000 (North Carolina)
  • OBBC 2002 (Ohio)
  • RISBC 1996 (Rhode Island)
  • WISC 2002 (Wisconsin)
Design Loads for Steel Buildings
(online design and pricing)*
  • Exposures B and C
  • Seismic zones 1, 2,and 3
  • Live load 20 lb.
  • Roof snow load 12 to 60 lb.
  • Ground snow load 5 to 86 lb.
  • Wind load 70 to 120 mph
  • Importance factors 1.0 (IBC)
*Special Quotes for Steel Buildings
The specifications listed above only refer to STEELBUILDING.COM's unique online design and pricing system. If you're looking for metal agricultural buildings, commercial structures, or others types of steel buildings outside of its capabilities, our pricing department can quickly work up an offline quote for you. You will need to fill out and submit our online special quote form. It will allow you to specify larger or smaller dimensions, different door locations, standing-seam roofs, open wall conditions, partition walls, recessed bays, mixed bay spacings, offset ridges, single slopes, modular frames, extreme design loads, lean-tos that follow the slope of the roof (drawings may take longer to process than the standard 7-14 ship time) and other features not available for your commercial or agricultural steel buildings online. However, STEELBUILDING.COM does not design or produce facades, hips and valleys, mezzanines or multiple connecting buildings.

Photo of Gray Steel Building

Photo of Red Steel Building

One of our many manufacturing plants

Our extraordinary online system gives you a huge range of design parameters

Users must check with their local building inspector to confirm the building code and design loads they need for a permit


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